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National History Day Winners
Posted On:
Thursday, February 08, 2018
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Individual Exhibit                             

1st Place:             Eli Issak Berlin Wall

2nd Place:           Astrid Garcia      3/5 Compromise

3rd Place:            Mackenzie Kyles              Exploring the Final Frontier


Group Exhibit                   

1st Place:             Julianna Kruse/Chelsey Latner/Alexis Lipscomb The Paris Peace Accords

2nd Place:           Hannah Cowart/Blakely Anderson           The Greek Civil War

3rd Place:            Doris Kimbrough/Anna La Duna The Holocaust



1st Place:             Richard Pham    Hamilton vs Burr: The Most Importan Gun Dual

2nd Place:           Marigold Tran    No Taxation Without Representation

3rd Place:            Kirah McCarty/Breylan Colley     The Great Migration:  Escaping Discrimination



1st Place:             Grayson Morgan              Prohibition:  The Conflict and Compromise of the 18th Amendment

2nd Place:           Gregory Watson / Christopher Davis Jr. NYC is History

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