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Atchison, Angela Technology Teacher
Baker, Emmette Science 8
Berry, Stephen Band
Callahan, Harriet STEM 8 Elective/Intro to Forensic Science
Campbell, Catherine Physical Education
Carter, Philonese Math 6
Cravey, Daphne Technology
Davis, Angelena Language Arts 6
Davis, Anika Language Arts 6
Eaton, Carliss Special Education
Fox, Melynda Math 7
Gane, Lynn Physical Education
Grandquest, Marla Science 6
Hallett, Ava Science 8 Advanced 8
Hardegree, Tim Assistant Principal
Hardy, Ronda Special Education
Hayles, Jennifer Math 7
Hellman, Tracy ELL
Hovel, Brittany Math 6
Howell, Alecia Social Studies 6
Hyder, Derek Social Studies
James, Jacqueline Math 8/ Pre-Algebra
Jerkins, Jacqueline Social Studies 6
Johnson, Mashun Language Arts 8
Jones, Cathy Special Education
Laffiette, Tressler Social Studies 7
Lee, Madison Language Arts 7
Mayfield, Ed Physical Education
McGuff, Rachel Social Studies 8
Moore, Juliette Special Education 6
Navaroli, Lauren 8th Grade Social Studies
Pears, Kimiko Speech
Perryman, Terri Science 6
Petersen, Paula Homebound
Plovanich, Anna Language Arts 8
Robinson, Teronda Retract
Rustand, Whitney Girls PE 6-8
Shearer, Laurie Chorus
Smallwood, Kathy Assistant Principal
Stuart, Melissa Art
Thompson, Leigh Math Intervention and Title 1
Till, Paige Science 7
Wakefield, Truett Science 7
Wallace, Amy Media
Wilkerson, Bahiyyih Special Education
Wilson, Jessica Language Arts 7
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