Junior National Honor Society application and scoring rubric
Boys basketball team ends season runner up in division 3 championship game!
Cheerleaders ready for the Championship Day!
Mr. Adams visits Kate Shepard Elemantary for ENHS & cafeteria art work.
Homecoming Queen 2015-16 Breauna Rodgers
All sports package, all forms needed for athletics 2015-16
Think Through Math log in
Burns 2015-16 pre-registration dates, July 23, 27 & 28 fee information for summer of 2015
August 1st 9:00am Health Awareness and Back to school fair for the Burns community!
2015-16 Rising 8th grader summer reading assignment

School Events
•  Mardi Gras/ Fat Tuesday Holidays
Recurrence: Daily from 2/8/2016 to 2/9/2016
•  Presidents Day - No school today
•  No classes today!
Recurrence: Daily from 2/11/2016 to 2/12/2016

Hailey Carter - Burns 2015-16 Teacher of The Year

School Bells -  1st bell 7:20am             Tardy bell 7:25am

Dismissal Bells  - Bus bell 2:32pm        Car riders & walkers - 2:41pm

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Weekly Newscast -

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Burns Special Olympics basketball team 2015-16
Team Blazers!

Go Bears - 6th Grade Social Studies teacher is teacher of the year!

Science Training with NASA! WOW
Mrs. Adams 6th grade Team Tigers!


Need math help?????

Homecoming Week January 11 - 15

See what Mr. Adams has been reading!


Hyder's classes spend the day codingin the lab!

Literature: 1st - Tiana Boone        2nd - Trinity Syke    3rd - Blake Davis...

Worldwide Event
Tamya Quiovers codes in Project-Based Strategies

Burns 6th grade students

Look what you can do with SketchUp and Makerbot!
3-D Design



Burns Bots


WE went inside for our picnic lunch with a parent!



Identifying chemicals by flame color

Burns students and alumni clean up our coast!

Mrs. Castelin's class getting preped for the wind design process!

Ms. McKnights class is ready for EYE!

Channel 15 features Burns Middle School
Burns Middle is a Cool School!

Making fire like the Stone Ages!








Join PTA 2015-16 and join-in on maintaining the Burns traditions!



Top reader Matthew Tillman, 2nd Danielle Guy

3-D Designing and Printing
Name Plates for Mr. Akridge and Ms. Mathis


Ms. Allen's class working together graphing

Coming to a school near you.....Burns Blazers!
Step Team, robotics, 3D design, JNHS, Builders Club, Art club, Flag Corp, cheerleaders, athletes, jazz band, National History finalist....

Designing and Making with Makerbot and SketchUp
Ms. Asberry`s Math Students

Principal Name Plate
Hope Jensen creates and prints in 3-D.


Headed to Nationals!

USA Female Engineer organization T-Shirt contest for Middle school girls!


Congratulations to ALL!!!




Another great History Day at Burns!
Some of the winners..........



Burns best in science 2015!
All the science fair winners going to county competition Feb. 10


3D design at Burns Middle School

Auditions will be January 27th.


Millions of Students Participate Around the World
Scratch is one programming language for students.


Congratulations to the PTA Reflections Winners! They are: Visual Arts: Emily Hoke, Victoria Alyssa Cannella, Olivia Wallace,...

Rigor, Relevance & Engagement of our students.

Eric Parker

Teachers are frightening and fun!
Burns Minions!

Who is this???

Picture to the left is the art study, the pic to the right is the final product!


Real World math problems!
Mrs. Allen's 7th grade math classes!




Home made thermometer!







Teachers leave school happy on a Monday!

Burns New PTA Board members for 2014-15

Wear this T-shirt on any game day!
Sponsored by the Scholars Bowl team.

Engagement & Relevance

Apply August 4 till Sept. 20
Internet Essentials $9.95 a month

Welcome to Burns!

Scoring rubric attached.

Is there a gold standard for raising children? This may help
Raise Kids who will become great adults!



STEM Education in Action
yin/yang symbol and dog tag for a puppy



Talented Eighth Graders
Scott Bell Designs with Sketchup

Burns Middle School Participates in International Event
Burns Students Participate

Mrs. Callahan's students document "Crime Scenes"
Using Digital Tablets to Document Crime Scene

Over 5 million in 167 countries participate
Hour of Code

Please submit feedback!!!

The division of technology has installed two sets of digital device lockers near the gym for students to utilize while they are...

Burns Students make green plastic!
The secret formula!

You can see the blood clot caught and the vena cava still flowing!


Safely Stow Your Wireless Device During GYM Class

Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!
The AIRBUS A-320 neo & city leaders.